Welcome to Berowra Health & Wellness Studios

We are passionate about bringing a purpose built, health and wellness space to the Berowra community because we believe that everyone should have access to a safe, clean and bright space to practice their favourite activity.


The classes currently runnning from our Studios are dance and karate.  The instructors who run the classes are independent business owners and use the Studios to run their classes from. 

For more information on the classes, please see the 'Classes' section or if you would like to hire one of our Studios to run your classes please fill out our Contact form.

Shop 2, 18 Kita Rd, Berowra Heights NSW 2082 (parking at the Berowra Marketplace entry via Turner Rd)

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Shop 2, 18 Kita Rd Berowra Heights (parking at Berowra Marketplace entry on Turner Rd)